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IMPORTANT NOTE: BerryVine products are sold on a 'try before you buy' basis. Hence we will not give any refunds for products that have been purchased! Please try out the software before you buy it, to make sure that it works for you and suits your needs. All BerryVine products that are purchased include free updates in the same version range.

Please note that you can install most applications straight to your BlackBerry via our BlackBerry browser site at (visit with your BlackBerry web browser).


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IMPORTANT: your BerryVine product license key will only work on one unique BlackBerry!


  • BerryVine Survey™ is currently available for € 49,95 from this website .
  • BerryVine BlackBox™ is currently available for € 49,95 from this website.
  • BerryVine RSS Reader™ is currently available for € 4,95 from this website and for $ 6.50 from
  • BerryVine Messenger™ is currently available for € 9,95 from this website and for $ 12.50 from
  • BerryVine Sweeper™ is currently available for € 4,95 from this website and for $ 6.50 from
  • BerryVine Companion™ is currently no longer available for purchase but is still fully supported for existing users.

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