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BerryVine RSS Reader™
BerryVine RSS Reader™ is an extremely useful application for easy RSS reading. Stay up to date with all your favorite RSS feeds and read about news, sports, science, entertainment and whatever is out there. Once you start using it, you won't go back!

BerryVine RSS Reader™ is easy to use and has hotkeys for easy navigation. It allows you to add as many RSS feeds as your BlackBerry allows you to and gives you easy categorization, search and sorting options. Besides this, BerryVine RSS Reader even allows you to scan for existing RSS feeds on webpages, in case you do not know the RSS URL by heart.

With the release of version 1.32, Atom feeds and UTF-8 are also supported!

Supported devices
Currently BerryVine RSS Reader™ supports the following BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry 8xxx series
  • BlackBerry 7xxx series
  • BlackBerry 6xxx series
  • BlackBerry 58xx series

To use BerryVine RSS Reader ™ please check that you have the following:

  • BlackBerry OS 3.6 or higher
  • BlackBerry Desktop software, when you are not performing an over the air (OTA) installation
  • One of the above mentioned BlackBerry models
  • Full MDS connectivity or direct TCP connectivity

Before purchasing BerryVine RSS Reader ™, be sure to test the free 14-day trial version! You can download the trial version or purchase a user license from the download section. You can also directly install the trial version to your BlackBerry if you visit our BlackBerry browser site at

Current Prices of BerryVine products

  • BerryVine Survey™ is currently available for € 49,95 from this website .
  • BerryVine BlackBox™ is currently available for € 49,95 from this website.
  • BerryVine RSS Reader™ is currently available for € 4,95 from this website and for $ 6.50 from
  • BerryVine Messenger™ is currently available for € 9,95 from this website and for $ 12.50 from
  • BerryVine Sweeper™ is currently available for € 4,95 from this website and for $ 6.50 from
  • BerryVine Companion™ is currently no longer available for purchase but is still fully supported for existing users.

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