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BerryVine BlackBox™
BerryVine BlackBox™ is a straightforward and powerful solution for professionals, needing to keep track of their time and travel and associated costs and revenue, suitable for both individual and organization wide usage. The application installs easily on all BlackBerry™ models and has a structure that allows users to start using it right away.

BlackBox has a project based structure.

By employing a project based registration system, BerryVine BlackBox makes it extremely easy to register time and travel information and link this information to a generic or specific project. Users can choose between automatic registration or manual entry of information. When choosing the automatic registration method, the application registers time using the built-in clock of the BlackBerry. For automatic distance tracking, either the internal GPS antenna of the BlackBerry or an external Bluetooth GPS  can be used. All the end-user has to do is press the start and stop buttons and all information is stored on the BlackBerry. Afterwards, information can be reviewed, edited, deleted or reported.

User's can simply punch-in and out of entries.

Reporting and data processing
Every version of BerryVine BlackBox supports E-mail based reporting, which enables users to send their registered data to one or more E-mail boxes. This can be the user's own E-mail box or one belonging to an administrative department, a secretary or an automated processing system. The registered data is attached to the E-mail in MS Excel or .CSV (semicolon separated) format and can be printed, analyzed, edited and processed by the recipient right away.

For organizations that require more that 100 licenses, reports in other formats, like XML, HTML, Word or proprietary formats, are also possible and can be requested by contacting the BerryVine sales team at For such organizations it is also possible to automatically store BerryVine BlackBox reports in a database or link BerryVine BlackBox to a specific back-office system for automated processing of data or integration in an Accounting, ERP, ECM or other system.

Tracking & Tracing
BerryVine BlackBox includes powerful tracking and tracing functionality, that allows organizations to keep track of the location of individual workers. When this function is enabled, the application sends out an E-mail with the current location of the end-user (provided the availability of GPS coordinates), whenever a configured time interval has elapsed. The applications for this functionality are endless, ranging from real-time location tracking to generic location logging. Each location report E-mail also contains a BlackBerry Maps and Google Maps link, allowing the recipient to view the sender's current location on a map.


  • Make efficient use of your BlackBerry infrastructure
  • Save time on keeping track of time and mileage
  • Know where your organization members are
  • Save costs on paper forms and expensive custom software
  • Enter information once and re-use it infinitely

Free trial
BerryVine BlackBox is sold on a try-before-you-buy basis and includes a free 15-day trial period. Freely use this time to test the application and see if it fits your or your organizations needs! Download and install directy from our BlackBerry browser site

BerryVine BlackBox supports usage of NMEA Bluetooth® GPS receivers

Customization for large organizations
If you have a large organization and need BerryVine BlackBox for your organization members or you need a large number of licenses for any other reason, it is possible to adapt BerryVine BlackBox’s functionality and even brand the software for your internal use. Please contact our Sales Team at if you wish to discuss these possibilities.


  • Support for all Java BlackBerry models, both BES and BIS.
  • Project based working, allowing for easy management of records for multiple projects and easy creation, editing or deletion of projects.
  • Manual or automatic registration of time, with easy entering of comments and descriptions.
  • Manual or automatic registration of traveled distances (mileage tracking), using the device’s built-in GPS or an external GPS antenna.
  • Low cost tracking and tracing solution with the Location Tracking function.
  • Support for standard descriptions, to allow more efficient data entry.
  • Support for multiple currencies.
  • Support for imperial and metric systems.
  • Easy exporting of data in Excel spreadsheets, by use of the BlackBerry's powerful E-mail functionality. Other export formats can be requested with 100+ licenses purchases.
  • Easy customization by to fit your specific organizational needs and integrate the software with any back-end system.

Manual in PDF format: manual

System requirements

  • BlackBerry handheld device (BIS and BES)
  • BlackBerry OS 4.0 or higher
  • BlackBerry with internal GPS or an external NMEA compatible Bluetooth GPS antenna required for automated mileage tracking and location tracking

Current Prices of BerryVine products

  • BerryVine Survey™ is currently available for € 49,95 from this website .
  • BerryVine BlackBox™ is currently available for € 49,95 from this website.
  • BerryVine RSS Reader™ is currently available for € 4,95 from this website and for $ 6.50 from
  • BerryVine Messenger™ is currently available for € 9,95 from this website and for $ 12.50 from
  • BerryVine Sweeper™ is currently available for € 4,95 from this website and for $ 6.50 from
  • BerryVine Companion™ is currently no longer available for purchase but is still fully supported for existing users.

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