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Introduction to the BerryVine product line
RSIC's BerryVine product line consists of quality BlackBerry applications at a fair price. The product line will continously keep expanding and currently consists of a wide array of applications:

BerryVine Survey™
This amazing application turns BlackBerry devices into efficient, universal data collection devices, for taking surveys, filling in forms and performing systematic counts and even supports the capturing of GPS coordinates. After creation, templates can be efficiently distributed among as many BlackBerry users as desired, who can start using them for data collection straight away. The collected data becomes available immediately in CSV (semicolon delimited), .XML or Excel format and can be distributed/submitted efficiently using the BlackBerry's E-mail functions, no BES required. Download the fully functional free 14-day trial version now and see for yourself or checkout this demo movie!

BerryVine BlackBox™
A straightforward and powerful solution for professionals, needing to keep track of their time and the distances they travel. Also includes a powerful location tracking function. BerryVine BlackBox is suitable for both individual and organization wide usage an offers GPS support. The application installs easily on all BlackBerry models, no BES required! Using the project based registration system, it becomes very easy to register time and traveled distances together with related data and link this information to a project.

BerryVine RSS Reader™
An extremely useful and easy to use utility for your BlackBerry. Read about news, sports, entertainment and whatever more you like, using just your BlackBerry. Add any available RSS 2.0 feed you like and update whenever you want. See for yourself how great this tool is and try the free 14-day trial using either the download from this site or the OTA installation through our BlackBerry browser site.

BerryVine Messenger™
Want to chat from your RIM BlackBerry™? Finally want to have MSN Messenger functionality on your BlackBerry as if you are at your desktop PC? BerryVine Messenger™ (BVM) gives you all of this and is an Instant Messaging application for RIM BlackBerry devices. Version 1.32 of BerryVine Messenger™ Instant Messenger supports Microsoft's MSN Messenger IM platform. Support for additional platforms will be added soon, please visit this site frequently for the latest developments.

BerryVine Sweeper™
An addictive game, with innovative multi-player support, bringing the Mine Sweeper concept to the BlackBerry! Try our free 3-day trial using either the download from this site or the OTA installation through our BlackBerry browser site.

BerryVine Companion™ (no longer available for purchase)
A powerful and versatile application with GPS assisted functionality for viewing maps, finding Points-Of-Interest (POI's) and calculating routes for travel, with step-by-step directions. If combined with a GPS antenna, BerryVine Companion even supports waypoint based navigation! Try our free 14-day trial using either the download from this site or the OTA installation through our BlackBerry browser site.

Navigating this site
Check out our 'Details' section for more functional and technical details about the BerryVine Messenger™ Instant Messenger or BerryVine Sweeper™. You can also find a list of features, technical requirements and supported RIM BlackBerry models in this section.

You can download a trial-version of our products or purchase them in the 'Download' section. You can also activate your promotional BerryVine Messenger license in this section. After activation, you can start using your instant messenger right away and sign-in onto the MSN Messenger network, using your existing .NET passport. If you wish to purchase, be sure to have your PayPal account or Credit Card details ready. For alternative payment methods, purchase via

Consult the 'Support' section if you are encountering problems when running the instant messenger or the other BerryVine products on your RIM BlackBerry. You can consult the FAQ or, if your issue isn't dealt with on the support, fill out our support form to contact Customer Services.

If you wish to contact us for other matters, you can find the details in the 'Contact' section. Here you can fill out the contact form for swift response from our staff.

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BlackBox is launched!
Date: 25-6-2008 By: Araaf
After years of hard work and finetuning, RSIC has finally released BlackBox, the perfect solution for any mobile professional or organization that needs to keep track of time or travel. The application even includes a low-cost location tracking function, allowing recipients of location tracking messages to view the user's current location on BlackBerry Maps or Google Maps! Read more here or download and install the free trial directly to your BlackBerry by visiting with your BlackBerry browser.
BerryVine Survey demo movie
Date: 21-2-2008 By: Araaf
Upon popular request, a BerryVine Survey demonstration movie has been made available! The movie demonstrates the creation of a simple template, using BerryVine Survey. Click here to see it.
Free BerryVine Survey License for selected Non-Profit and Charity Organizations!
Date: 3-10-2007 By: Araaf
Good news for BlackBerry using non-profit and charity organisations out there: starting today, offers free BerryVine Survey licenses for such organisations, as long as they are non-governmental, effectively enabling them to start using their BlackBerries for dynamic mobile surveys, forms and complex counting purposes without any extra costs! Read on for the details.
New BerryVine Releases!
Date: 12-9-2007 By: Robert
We are proud to announce that we have released new versions of BerryVine Survey, RSS Reader and Messenger today.

Upcoming BerryVine Survey and Messenger Releases!
Date: 5-9-2007 By: Araaf
Dear visitor, this message is to inform you that we are nearing completion of a new major version of BerryVine Survey and a new version of BerryVine Messenger. Come back soon for the release versions, which will be available via this site or! More details about the new functionality and improvements will follow with the release.

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